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In this program, students will learn the science of boxing in a safe non-intimidating, family-friendly environment. Our goal through teaching the basic principles of sportsmanship is that these individuals will be able to apply self-discipline, mental and social skills as well as increased confidence in order to be successful in life.

Students will be taught the skills that are acquired through focused athletic training, such as shadow-boxing, callisthenics, rounds on the punching bags, hand-eye coordination exercises, non-contact sparring etc.

Note: Contact sparring is not mandatory and students are only allowed to engage in this exercise after they have developed the basic skill set and coaches feel they are able to defend themselves correctly.

From day one our mandate to was get youth off the streets and help them to make positive changes in their lives. Today, we continue to counsel and mentor teens and young adults in a time when they are in need of positive role models more than ever. We are also here for parents too, who wish to discuss challenges they may be facing with their children.

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